10 de febrero

Två timmar lång engelska C lektion, dagens test med ett ämne valt utav mycket omsorg " Your Ideal boyfriend"?!

My ideal boyfriend is a person with many different sides, which really got to care to earn my interest!
I'm not looking for a person that is perfect,i want a person that has plenty of cons like I have. I want him to look at me like no one else does and I want him to love me for the person I am.
I want him to be happy for my succsses and be a person who is able to stand on his own feet without my help. The most important is that hi has a good personality, but I would love to see him with a brown hair, dark brown eyes and tall. Apart from his looks I want him to be nice with a funny sense of humor, which is able to make me laugh.
Together Our life would be filled with a lot of happy moments and happines. He should be someone who I can see my self having my children and growing old with. A person who's allways going to be there for me no mather what.
I want him to be the person I can't live without! 

Dagens roomie problem- Lipa är enligt göteborgaren gråta....?

Postat av: upprörd roomie

vadå DAGENS roomie problem?! Har vi problem VARJE dag? FAAAAAAAAAN

2011-02-17 @ 19:56:20

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